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Technology is constantly changing and it is important to make sure your network is working effectively and efficiently. Are you ready to automate your business processes in the cloud? We are here to help.

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Iterative & Results-Driven

User Focused

Regional Expertise

Not sure where to start? We work hands-on with organizations of all sizes to determine the best path forward.

Assessments & Roadmaps

When was the last time you checked your current system? Do you know if you are leveraging data in a way that fits your business’s operating models?

We perform comprehensive assessments and roadmapping advisory services to chart a path to your business goals

Assessments can be performed for Oracle EPM maturity, design, performance, and alignment with corporate strategy.


Neuf EPM uses a blend of the waterfall and agile methodologies in our implementations to capitalize on the best of each practice and achieve success in the shortest time possible for our customers. Each implementation plan is built on the knowledge we have of your specific project, goals, and organizational structure, so no two plans are identical. Despite the variety amongst organizations, the Oracle Cloud allows for some standardization and streamlining of implementations.

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We have tiered implementation offerings to ensure your team is equipped to face the future with confidence.

We’re on call, so you don’t have to be.

Managed Services

With extensive experience in both Hyperion on-premise and Oracle EPM Cloud we are uniquely qualified to manage your EPM environments and free up your internal IT resources for more pressing concerns.

Our Managed Services include post go-live support, training, and staff augmentation. We have thorough processes and experience to equip your organization with healthy system performance.

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