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Automate Your Financial Process

  • Connected Enterprise Planning From long-range scenario modeling to monthly rolling forecasts, Oracle’s EPM Cloud enables visibility and accuracy for your organization.
  • Narrative Reporting Oracle’s Narrative Reporting solution leverages Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology to link financial metrics to a narrative that tells the story of your business.
  • Profitability & Cost Management Identify the most profitable segments of your enterprise with Oracle’s purpose-built allocations tool.

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Connected Enterprise Planning

Oracle’s latest deployment of Hyperion and Essbase technology is now available through the EPM Cloud and is central to driving connected planning for today’s enterprise. From long range scenario modeling to monthly rolling forecasts, Oracle’s EPM cloud enables visibility and accuracy for your organization.

Whether you are looking for best practices out of the box or to redesign your business processes to fit today’s models, Enterprise Planning provides a flexible platform that can be tailored to your needs.

Learn more specifics about Financial, Strategy, Workforce, Capital, and Project Planning.

What Enterprise Planning can do for your business

  • Integrate headcount related drivers into your workforce planning strategy
  • Create expense baselines and revenue expectations for your internal or external projects
  • Model capital financing scenarios and cash flow impacts for your asset investments
  • Connect sales forecast expectations to your financial revenue forecasts
  • Automatically generate the Big 3 financial statements with pre-built frameworks OOB

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Narrative Reporting

While there are a number of software solutions that can output robust and detailed financial reports, there are far fewer with the ability to marry qualitative, event-based data to quantitative transactional information. Oracle’s Narrative Reporting solution leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology links your financial performance to a narrative of your business.

Learn the story behind your data by partnering with Neuf EPM and Oracle. Whether you are a fortune 100 company or just getting your feet wet with cloud – we’re happy to answer any questions you may have on Narrative Reporting.

What Narrative Reporting can do for your business

  • Use Microsoft Office and PDF documents to integrate any and all data from across sources into your reporting packages
  • ERP agnostic: integrate directly with your preferred source system
  • Flexible user permissions and version control for easy collaboration and versioning
  • XBRL Taxonomy Management – Publish in XBRL, iXBRL, SEX EDGARD HTMAL and PDF

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Profitability & Cost Management

How is your organization identifying its most profitable and successful business segments? How are you allocating costs across departments and product groups to optimize cash flow? Oracle’s purpose-built allocations tool, Profitability and Cost Management, eliminates the complexity in understanding profitability, while enabling business users with the tools to effectively allocate cost and drive optimal cash flow.

Your finance teams are tired of dated and manual processes to allocate costs across your enterprise. Profitability & Cost Management will automate your processes allowing more time for analysis and strategy.

What Profitability & Cost Management can do for your business

  • Distinguish between your most profitable and costly areas of your business without relying on IT
  • Pre-built allocation scenario modeling out of box to create alternative allocation models
  • Leverage integrated data hierarchy and dimension management to seamlessly align with your source systems
  • Eliminate “black box” custom calculations and enable transparency throughout the allocations process

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